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Ogre::TerrainSceneManager Class Reference

#include <OgreTerrainSceneManager.h>

Inheritance diagram for Ogre::TerrainSceneManager:

Ogre::OctreeSceneManager Ogre::SceneManager

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Detailed Description

This is a basic SceneManager for organizing TerrainRenderables into a total landscape. It loads a terrain from a .cfg file that specifices what textures/scale/mipmaps/etc to use.
Jon Anderson

Definition at line 79 of file OgreTerrainSceneManager.h.

Public Types

typedef MapIterator
< AnimationList
typedef MapIterator< CameraList > CameraIterator
 Describes the stage of rendering when performing complex illumination. More...
typedef MapIterator
< MovableObjectMap > 
typedef ConstMapIterator
< PageSourceMap
 Iterator over all page sources.
typedef std::map< String,
TerrainPageSource * > 
 Internal map of page source name to page source.
enum  PrefabType { PT_PLANE, PT_CUBE, PT_SPHERE }
enum  SpecialCaseRenderQueueMode { SCRQM_INCLUDE, SCRQM_EXCLUDE }

Public Member Functions

void _addOctreeNode (OctreeNode *, Octree *octree, int depth=0)
virtual void _alertVisibleObjects (void)
virtual void _applySceneAnimations (void)
virtual bool _areRenderStateChangesSuppressed (void) const
virtual bool _areShadowsSuppressed (void) const
virtual void _findVisibleObjects (Camera *cam, VisibleObjectsBoundsInfo *visibleBounds, bool onlyShadowCasters)
uint32 _getCombinedVisibilityMask (void) const
TerrainBufferCache_getIndexCache (void)
 Get the shared list of indexes cached (internal use only).
LevelArray & _getLevelIndex (void)
 Get the shared level index list (internal use only).
virtual const LightList & _getLightsAffectingFrustum (void) const
ulong _getLightsDirtyCounter (void) const
size_t _getPageCount (void)
 Get the current page count (internal use only).
virtual void _injectRenderWithPass (Pass *pass, Renderable *rend, bool shadowDerivation=true)
virtual void _notifyAutotrackingSceneNode (SceneNode *node, bool autoTrack)
virtual void _notifyLightsDirty (void)
virtual void _populateLightList (const Vector3 &position, Real radius, LightList &destList)
virtual void _queueSkiesForRendering (Camera *cam)
void _removeOctreeNode (OctreeNode *)
virtual void _renderQueueGroupObjects (RenderQueueGroup *group, QueuedRenderableCollection::OrganisationMode om)
void _renderScene (Camera *cam, Viewport *vp, bool includeOverlays)
virtual void _renderVisibleObjects (void)
virtual void _setDestinationRenderSystem (RenderSystem *sys)
virtual const Pass_setPass (const Pass *pass, bool evenIfSuppressed=false, bool shadowDerivation=true)
virtual void _suppressRenderStateChanges (bool suppress)
virtual void _suppressShadows (bool suppress)
void _updateOctreeNode (OctreeNode *)
virtual void _updateSceneGraph (Camera *cam)
virtual void addRenderQueueListener (RenderQueueListener *newListener)
virtual void addShadowListener (ShadowListener *s)
virtual void addSpecialCaseRenderQueue (uint8 qid)
virtual void attachPage (ushort pageX, ushort pageZ, TerrainPage *page)
void clearScene (void)
virtual void clearSpecialCaseRenderQueues (void)
AxisAlignedBoxSceneQuerycreateAABBQuery (const AxisAlignedBox &box, unsigned long mask)
virtual AnimationcreateAnimation (const String &name, Real length)
virtual AnimationStatecreateAnimationState (const String &animName)
virtual BillboardChaincreateBillboardChain (const String &name)
virtual BillboardSetcreateBillboardSet (const String &name, unsigned int poolSize=20)
CameracreateCamera (const String &name)
virtual EntitycreateEntity (const String &entityName, PrefabType ptype)
virtual EntitycreateEntity (const String &entityName, const String &meshName)
virtual InstancedGeometrycreateInstancedGeometry (const String &name)
IntersectionSceneQuerycreateIntersectionQuery (unsigned long mask)
virtual LightcreateLight (const String &name)
virtual ManualObjectcreateManualObject (const String &name)
virtual MovableObjectcreateMovableObject (const String &name, const String &typeName, const NameValuePairList *params=0)
virtual ParticleSystemcreateParticleSystem (const String &name, size_t quota=500, const String &resourceGroup=ResourceGroupManager::DEFAULT_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME)
virtual ParticleSystemcreateParticleSystem (const String &name, const String &templateName)
PlaneBoundedVolumeListSceneQuerycreatePlaneBoundedVolumeQuery (const PlaneBoundedVolumeList &volumes, unsigned long mask)
RaySceneQuerycreateRayQuery (const Ray &ray, unsigned long mask=0xFFFFFFFF)
virtual RibbonTrailcreateRibbonTrail (const String &name)
virtual SceneNodecreateSceneNode (const String &name)
virtual SceneNodecreateSceneNode (void)
SphereSceneQuerycreateSphereQuery (const Sphere &sphere, unsigned long mask)
virtual StaticGeometrycreateStaticGeometry (const String &name)
virtual void destroyAllAnimations (void)
virtual void destroyAllAnimationStates (void)
virtual void destroyAllBillboardChains (void)
virtual void destroyAllBillboardSets (void)
virtual void destroyAllCameras (void)
virtual void destroyAllEntities (void)
virtual void destroyAllInstancedGeometry (void)
virtual void destroyAllLights (void)
virtual void destroyAllManualObjects (void)
virtual void destroyAllMovableObjects (void)
virtual void destroyAllMovableObjectsByType (const String &typeName)
virtual void destroyAllParticleSystems (void)
virtual void destroyAllRibbonTrails (void)
virtual void destroyAllStaticGeometry (void)
virtual void destroyAnimation (const String &name)
virtual void destroyAnimationState (const String &name)
virtual void destroyBillboardChain (const String &name)
virtual void destroyBillboardChain (BillboardChain *obj)
virtual void destroyBillboardSet (const String &name)
virtual void destroyBillboardSet (BillboardSet *set)
virtual void destroyCamera (const String &name)
virtual void destroyCamera (Camera *cam)
virtual void destroyEntity (const String &name)
virtual void destroyEntity (Entity *ent)
virtual void destroyInstancedGeometry (const String &name)
virtual void destroyInstancedGeometry (InstancedGeometry *geom)
virtual void destroyLight (Light *light)
virtual void destroyLight (const String &name)
virtual void destroyManualObject (const String &name)
virtual void destroyManualObject (ManualObject *obj)
virtual void destroyMovableObject (MovableObject *m)
virtual void destroyMovableObject (const String &name, const String &typeName)
virtual void destroyParticleSystem (const String &name)
virtual void destroyParticleSystem (ParticleSystem *obj)
virtual void destroyQuery (SceneQuery *query)
virtual void destroyRibbonTrail (const String &name)
virtual void destroyRibbonTrail (RibbonTrail *obj)
virtual void destroySceneNode (const String &name)
virtual void destroyStaticGeometry (const String &name)
virtual void destroyStaticGeometry (StaticGeometry *geom)
virtual size_t estimateWorldGeometry (DataStreamPtr &stream, const String &typeName=StringUtil::BLANK)
virtual size_t estimateWorldGeometry (const String &filename)
virtual void extractAllMovableObjectsByType (const String &typeName)
virtual void extractMovableObject (MovableObject *m)
virtual void extractMovableObject (const String &name, const String &typeName)
void findNodesIn (const Ray &ray, std::list< SceneNode * > &list, SceneNode *exclude=0)
void findNodesIn (const PlaneBoundedVolume &volume, std::list< SceneNode * > &list, SceneNode *exclude=0)
void findNodesIn (const Sphere &sphere, std::list< SceneNode * > &list, SceneNode *exclude=0)
void findNodesIn (const AxisAlignedBox &box, std::list< SceneNode * > &list, SceneNode *exclude=0)
const ColourValuegetAmbientLight (void) const
virtual AnimationgetAnimation (const String &name) const
AnimationIterator getAnimationIterator (void)
virtual AnimationStategetAnimationState (const String &animName) const
AnimationStateIterator getAnimationStateIterator (void)
virtual BillboardChaingetBillboardChain (const String &name) const
virtual BillboardSetgetBillboardSet (const String &name) const
virtual CameragetCamera (const String &name) const
CameraIterator getCameraIterator (void)
ViewportgetCurrentViewport (void) const
RenderSystemgetDestinationRenderSystem ()
const String & getDetailTexture (void)
int getDetailTextureRepeat (void)
virtual bool getDisplaySceneNodes (void) const
virtual EntitygetEntity (const String &name) const
virtual bool getFindVisibleObjects (void)
virtual const ColourValuegetFogColour (void) const
virtual Real getFogDensity (void) const
virtual Real getFogEnd (void) const
virtual FogMode getFogMode (void) const
virtual Real getFogStart (void) const
float getHeightAt (float x, float y)
virtual InstancedGeometrygetInstancedGeometry (const String &name) const
virtual LightgetLight (const String &name) const
virtual ManualObjectgetManualObject (const String &name) const
int getMaxGeoMipMapLevel (void)
int getMaxPixelError (void)
virtual MovableObjectgetMovableObject (const String &name, const String &typeName) const
virtual MovableObjectIterator getMovableObjectIterator (const String &typeName)
const String & getName (void) const
virtual bool getOption (const String &, void *)
bool getOptionKeys (StringVector &refKeys)
const TerrainOptionsgetOptions (void)
 Gets the terrain options.
bool getOptionValues (const String &key, StringVector &refValueList)
int getPageSize (void)
PageSourceIterator getPageSourceIterator (void)
 Get an iterator over all page sources.
virtual ParticleSystemgetParticleSystem (const String &name) const
SceneMgrQueuedRenderableVisitorgetQueuedRenderableVisitor (void) const
virtual RenderQueuegetRenderQueue (void)
virtual RibbonTrailgetRibbonTrail (const String &name) const
virtual SceneNodegetRootSceneNode (void) const
const Vector3getScale (void)
virtual SceneNodegetSceneNode (const String &name) const
virtual const
getShadowCameraSetup () const
const VisibleObjectsBoundsInfogetShadowCasterBoundsInfo (const Light *light) const
virtual bool getShadowCasterRenderBackFaces () const
virtual const ColourValuegetShadowColour (void) const
virtual Real getShadowDirectionalLightExtrusionDistance (void) const
virtual Real getShadowDirLightTextureOffset (void) const
virtual Real getShadowFarDistance (void) const
virtual size_t getShadowIndexBufferSize (void) const
 Get the size of the shadow index buffer.
virtual ShadowTechnique getShadowTechnique (void) const
virtual const TexturePtrgetShadowTexture (size_t shadowIndex)
ConstShadowTextureConfigIterator getShadowTextureConfigIterator () const
size_t getShadowTextureCount (void) const
 Get the number of the textures allocated for texture based shadows.
virtual bool getShadowTextureSelfShadow (void) const
 Gets whether or not texture shadows attempt to self-shadow.
virtual bool getShowBoundingBoxes () const
virtual bool getShowDebugShadows (void) const
virtual const SkyBoxGenParameters & getSkyBoxGenParameters (void) const
virtual SceneNodegetSkyBoxNode (void) const
virtual const
SkyDomeGenParameters & 
getSkyDomeGenParameters (void) const
virtual SceneNodegetSkyDomeNode (void) const
virtual const
SkyPlaneGenParameters & 
getSkyPlaneGenParameters (void) const
virtual SceneNodegetSkyPlaneNode (void) const
virtual SpecialCaseRenderQueueMode getSpecialCaseRenderQueueMode (void)
virtual StaticGeometrygetStaticGeometry (const String &name) const
virtual ViewPoint getSuggestedViewpoint (bool random=false)
MaterialPtrgetTerrainMaterial (void)
 Get a pointer to the material being used for the terrain.
virtual TerrainPagegetTerrainPage (const Vector3 &pt)
SceneNodegetTerrainRootNode (void) const
 Get the SceneNode under which all terrain nodes are attached.
virtual TerrainRenderablegetTerrainTile (const Vector3 &pt)
int getTileSize (void)
const String & getTypeName (void) const
virtual uint32 getVisibilityMask (void)
const VisibleObjectsBoundsInfogetVisibleObjectsBoundsInfo (const Camera *cam) const
virtual uint8 getWorldGeometryRenderQueue (void)
const String & getWorldTexture (void)
virtual bool hasAnimation (const String &name) const
virtual bool hasAnimationState (const String &name) const
virtual bool hasBillboardChain (const String &name) const
virtual bool hasBillboardSet (const String &name) const
virtual bool hasCamera (const String &name) const
virtual bool hasEntity (const String &name) const
virtual bool hasLight (const String &name) const
virtual bool hasManualObject (const String &name) const
virtual bool hasMovableObject (const String &name, const String &typeName) const
virtual bool hasOption (const String &strKey) const
virtual bool hasParticleSystem (const String &name) const
virtual bool hasRibbonTrail (const String &name) const
virtual bool hasSceneNode (const String &name) const
virtual bool hasStaticGeometry (const String &name) const
void init (AxisAlignedBox &box, int d)
virtual void injectMovableObject (MovableObject *m)
bool intersectSegment (const Vector3 &start, const Vector3 &end, Vector3 *result)
virtual bool isRenderQueueToBeProcessed (uint8 qid)
virtual bool isShadowTechniqueAdditive (void) const
virtual bool isShadowTechniqueIntegrated (void) const
virtual bool isShadowTechniqueInUse (void) const
virtual bool isShadowTechniqueModulative (void) const
virtual bool isShadowTechniqueStencilBased (void) const
virtual bool isShadowTechniqueTextureBased (void) const
virtual bool isSkyBoxEnabled (void) const
virtual bool isSkyDomeEnabled (void) const
virtual bool isSkyPlaneEnabled (void) const
virtual void manualRender (RenderOperation *rend, Pass *pass, Viewport *vp, const Matrix4 &worldMatrix, const Matrix4 &viewMatrix, const Matrix4 &projMatrix, bool doBeginEndFrame=false)
virtual void registerPageSource (const String &typeName, TerrainPageSource *source)
virtual void removeRenderQueueListener (RenderQueueListener *delListener)
virtual void removeShadowListener (ShadowListener *s)
virtual void removeSpecialCaseRenderQueue (uint8 qid)
void resize (const AxisAlignedBox &box)
virtual void selectPageSource (const String &typeName, TerrainPageSourceOptionList &optionList)
void setAmbientLight (const ColourValue &colour)
void setCustomMaterial (const String &materialName)
void setCustomMaterialMorphFactorParam (size_t paramIndex)
void setCustomMaterialMorphFactorParam (const String &paramName)
void setDetailTexture (const String &textureName)
void setDetailTextureRepeat (int repeat)
virtual void setDisplaySceneNodes (bool display)
virtual void setFindVisibleObjects (bool find)
void setFog (FogMode mode=FOG_NONE, const ColourValue &colour=ColourValue::White, Real expDensity=0.001, Real linearStart=0.0, Real linearEnd=1.0)
void setLODMorphStart (Real morphStart)
void setLooseOctree (bool b)
void setMaxGeoMipMapLevel (int maxMip)
void setMaxPixelError (int pixelError)
virtual bool setOption (const String &, const void *)
void setPageSize (int size)
virtual void setPrimaryCamera (const Camera *cam)
void setQueuedRenderableVisitor (SceneMgrQueuedRenderableVisitor *visitor)
void setScale (const Vector3 &scale)
virtual void setShadowCameraSetup (const ShadowCameraSetupPtr &shadowSetup)
virtual void setShadowCasterRenderBackFaces (bool bf)
virtual void setShadowColour (const ColourValue &colour)
virtual void setShadowDirectionalLightExtrusionDistance (Real dist)
virtual void setShadowDirLightTextureOffset (Real offset)
virtual void setShadowFarDistance (Real distance)
virtual void setShadowIndexBufferSize (size_t size)
virtual void setShadowTechnique (ShadowTechnique technique)
virtual void setShadowTextureCasterMaterial (const String &name)
virtual void setShadowTextureConfig (size_t shadowIndex, const ShadowTextureConfig &config)
virtual void setShadowTextureConfig (size_t shadowIndex, unsigned short width, unsigned short height, PixelFormat format)
virtual void setShadowTextureCount (size_t count)
virtual void setShadowTextureFadeEnd (Real fadeEnd)
virtual void setShadowTextureFadeStart (Real fadeStart)
virtual void setShadowTexturePixelFormat (PixelFormat fmt)
virtual void setShadowTextureReceiverMaterial (const String &name)
virtual void setShadowTextureSelfShadow (bool selfShadow)
virtual void setShadowTextureSettings (unsigned short size, unsigned short count, PixelFormat fmt=PF_X8R8G8B8)
virtual void setShadowTextureSize (unsigned short size)
virtual void setShadowUseInfiniteFarPlane (bool enable)
void setShowBoxes (bool b)
virtual void setShowDebugShadows (bool debug)
virtual void setSkyBox (bool enable, const String &materialName, Real distance=5000, bool drawFirst=true, const Quaternion &orientation=Quaternion::IDENTITY, const String &groupName=ResourceGroupManager::DEFAULT_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME)
virtual void setSkyDome (bool enable, const String &materialName, Real curvature=10, Real tiling=8, Real distance=4000, bool drawFirst=true, const Quaternion &orientation=Quaternion::IDENTITY, int xsegments=16, int ysegments=16, int ysegments_keep=-1, const String &groupName=ResourceGroupManager::DEFAULT_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME)
virtual void setSkyPlane (bool enable, const Plane &plane, const String &materialName, Real scale=1000, Real tiling=10, bool drawFirst=true, Real bow=0, int xsegments=1, int ysegments=1, const String &groupName=ResourceGroupManager::DEFAULT_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME)
virtual void setSpecialCaseRenderQueueMode (SpecialCaseRenderQueueMode mode)
void setTileSize (int size)
void setUseLODMorph (bool useMorph)
void setUseTriStrips (bool useStrips)
void setUseVertexColours (bool useColours)
void setUseVertexNormals (bool useNormals)
virtual void setVisibilityMask (uint32 vmask)
virtual void setWorldGeometry (DataStreamPtr &stream, const String &typeName=StringUtil::BLANK)
void setWorldGeometry (const String &filename)
void setWorldGeometryRenderQueue (uint8 qid)
void setWorldTexture (const String &textureName)
virtual void showBoundingBoxes (bool bShow)
void shutdown (void)
 Shutdown cleanly before we get destroyed.
 TerrainSceneManager (const String &name)
void walkOctree (OctreeCamera *, RenderQueue *, Octree *, VisibleObjectsBoundsInfo *visibleBounds, bool foundvisible, bool onlyShadowCasters)

Static Public Attributes

static uint32 ENTITY_TYPE_MASK = 0x40000000
 Query type mask which will be used for entities.
static uint32 FX_TYPE_MASK = 0x20000000
 Query type mask which will be used for effects like billboardsets / particle systems.
static int intersect_call = 0
static uint32 LIGHT_TYPE_MASK = 0x08000000
 Query type mask which will be used for lights.
static uint32 STATICGEOMETRY_TYPE_MASK = 0x10000000
 Query type mask which will be used for StaticGeometry.
static uint32 USER_TYPE_MASK_LIMIT = SceneManager::LIGHT_TYPE_MASK
 User type mask limit.
static uint32 WORLD_GEOMETRY_TYPE_MASK = 0x80000000
 Query type mask which will be used for world geometry.

Protected Types

typedef std::map< String,
Animation * > 
 Storage of animations, lookup by name.
typedef std::set< SceneNode * > AutoTrackingSceneNodes
 Autotracking scene nodes.
enum  BoxPlane {
  BP_FRONT = 0, BP_BACK = 1, BP_LEFT = 2, BP_RIGHT = 3,
  BP_UP = 4, BP_DOWN = 5
typedef std::map< String,
Camera * > 
typedef std::map< const Camera
*, VisibleObjectsBoundsInfo
typedef std::map< String,
InstancedGeometry * > 
typedef std::vector< LightInfoLightInfoList
typedef std::map< String,
MovableObjectCollection * > 
typedef std::map< String,
MovableObject * > 
typedef std::vector
< RenderQueueListener * > 
typedef std::map< String,
SceneNode * > 
typedef std::map< const Camera
*, const Light * > 
typedef std::vector
< ShadowCaster * > 
typedef std::vector
< ShadowListener * > 
typedef std::vector< Camera * > ShadowTextureCameraList
typedef std::set< uint8 > SpecialCaseRenderQueueList
typedef std::map< String,
StaticGeometry * > 

Protected Member Functions

bool _checkSize (int s)
 Validates that the size picked for the terrain is acceptable.
MeshPtr createSkyboxPlane (BoxPlane bp, Real distance, const Quaternion &orientation, const String &groupName)
MeshPtr createSkydomePlane (BoxPlane bp, Real curvature, Real tiling, Real distance, const Quaternion &orientation, int xsegments, int ysegments, int ySegmentsToKeep, const String &groupName)
const PassderiveShadowCasterPass (const Pass *pass)
const PassderiveShadowReceiverPass (const Pass *pass)
void destroyLevelIndexes (void)
 Destroy level indexes.
virtual void destroyShadowTextures (void)
 Internal method for destroying shadow textures (texture-based shadows).
virtual void ensureShadowTexturesCreated ()
 Internal method for creating shadow textures (texture-based shadows).
virtual void findLightsAffectingFrustum (const Camera *camera)
virtual const ShadowCasterList & findShadowCastersForLight (const Light *light, const Camera *camera)
bool fireRenderQueueEnded (uint8 id, const String &invocation)
 Internal method for firing the queue end event, returns true if queue is to be repeated.
bool fireRenderQueueStarted (uint8 id, const String &invocation)
 Internal method for firing the queue start event, returns true if queue is to be skipped.
void fireShadowTexturesPreCaster (Light *light, Camera *camera)
 Internal method for firing the pre caster texture shadows event.
void fireShadowTexturesPreReceiver (Light *light, Frustum *f)
 Internal method for firing the pre receiver texture shadows event.
void fireShadowTexturesUpdated (size_t numberOfShadowTextures)
 Internal method for firing the texture shadows updated event.
const MovableObjectCollectiongetMovableObjectCollection (const String &typeName) const
MovableObjectCollectiongetMovableObjectCollection (const String &typeName)
void initLevelIndexes (void)
 Initialise level indexes.
virtual void initRenderQueue (void)
 Mutex over the collection of MovableObject types.
virtual void initShadowVolumeMaterials (void)
 Internal method for setting up materials for shadows.
void loadConfig (DataStreamPtr &stream)
 Internal method for loading configurations settings.
virtual void prepareRenderQueue (void)
virtual void prepareShadowTextures (Camera *cam, Viewport *vp)
 Internal method for preparing shadow textures ready for use in a regular render.
virtual void renderAdditiveStencilShadowedQueueGroupObjects (RenderQueueGroup *group, QueuedRenderableCollection::OrganisationMode om)
virtual void renderAdditiveTextureShadowedQueueGroupObjects (RenderQueueGroup *group, QueuedRenderableCollection::OrganisationMode om)
virtual void renderBasicQueueGroupObjects (RenderQueueGroup *pGroup, QueuedRenderableCollection::OrganisationMode om)
virtual void renderModulativeStencilShadowedQueueGroupObjects (RenderQueueGroup *group, QueuedRenderableCollection::OrganisationMode om)
virtual void renderModulativeTextureShadowedQueueGroupObjects (RenderQueueGroup *group, QueuedRenderableCollection::OrganisationMode om)
virtual void renderObjects (const QueuedRenderableCollection &objs, QueuedRenderableCollection::OrganisationMode om, bool doLightIteration, const LightList *manualLightList=0)
void renderShadowVolumeObjects (ShadowCaster::ShadowRenderableListIterator iShadowRenderables, Pass *pass, const LightList *manualLightList, unsigned long flags, bool secondpass, bool zfail, bool twosided)
virtual void renderShadowVolumesToStencil (const Light *light, const Camera *cam)
virtual void renderSingleObject (const Renderable *rend, const Pass *pass, bool doLightIteration, const LightList *manualLightList=0)
virtual void renderTextureShadowCasterQueueGroupObjects (RenderQueueGroup *group, QueuedRenderableCollection::OrganisationMode om)
virtual void renderTextureShadowReceiverQueueGroupObjects (RenderQueueGroup *group, QueuedRenderableCollection::OrganisationMode om)
virtual void renderTransparentShadowCasterObjects (const QueuedRenderableCollection &objs, QueuedRenderableCollection::OrganisationMode om, bool doLightIteration, const LightList *manualLightList=0)
virtual void renderVisibleObjectsCustomSequence (RenderQueueInvocationSequence *s)
virtual void renderVisibleObjectsDefaultSequence (void)
void resetViewProjMode (void)
virtual void setShadowVolumeStencilState (bool secondpass, bool zfail, bool twosided)
void setupTerrainMaterial (void)
 Sets up the terrain material.
void setupTerrainPages (void)
 Sets up the terrain page slots.
virtual void setViewport (Viewport *vp)
virtual void updateRenderQueueGroupSplitOptions (RenderQueueGroup *group, bool suppressShadows, bool suppressRenderState)
virtual void updateRenderQueueSplitOptions (void)
void useRenderableViewProjMode (const Renderable *pRend)
bool validatePassForRendering (const Pass *pass)
bool validateRenderableForRendering (const Pass *pass, const Renderable *rend)

Protected Attributes

 The currently active page source.
 The active renderable visitor class - subclasses could override this.
ColourValue mAmbientLight
 Current ambient light, cached for RenderSystem.
AnimationList mAnimationsList
AnimationStateSet mAnimationStates
AutoParamDataSource mAutoParamDataSource
 Utility class for calculating automatic parameters for gpu programs.
AutoTrackingSceneNodes mAutoTrackingSceneNodes
AxisAlignedBox mBox
 Size of the octree.
BoxList mBoxes
 List of boxes to be rendered.
unsigned short mBufferedPageMargin
 The number of pages to keep loaded outside the 'home' page.
LightInfoList mCachedLightInfos
 Camera in progress.
CameraList mCameras
CamVisibleObjectsMap mCamVisibleObjectsMap
Real mCorners [24]
 Current Viewport.
String mCustomMaterialName
 The name of the custom material to use.
bool mDebugShadows
SceneMgrQueuedRenderableVisitor mDefaultQueuedRenderableVisitor
 Storage for default renderable visitor.
ShadowCameraSetupPtr mDefaultShadowCameraSetup
 default shadow camera setup
 The rendering system to send the scene to.
String mDetailTextureName
 The name of the detail texture.
bool mDisplayNodes
bool mFindVisibleObjects
GpuProgramParametersSharedPtr mFiniteExtrusionParams
ColourValue mFogColour
Real mFogDensity
Real mFogEnd
FogMode mFogMode
Real mFogStart
IlluminationRenderStage mIlluminationStage
TerrainBufferCache mIndexCache
 Shared list of index buffers.
GpuProgramParametersSharedPtr mInfiniteExtrusionParams
InstancedGeometryList mInstancedGeometryList
unsigned long mLastFrameNumber
LevelArray mLevelIndex
 Shared array of IndexData (reuse indexes across tiles).
LightList mLightsAffectingFrustum
ulong mLightsDirtyCounter
unsigned short mLivePageMargin
 The number of pages to render outside the 'home' page.
size_t mLodMorphParamIndex
 The index of the parameter to send the LOD morph to.
String mLodMorphParamName
 The name of the parameter to send the LOD morph to.
bool mLoose
int mMaxDepth
 Max depth for the tree.
MovableObjectCollectionMap mMovableObjectCollectionMap
String mName
 Instance name.
TexturePtr mNullShadowTexture
int mNumObjects
 Number of rendered objs.
 The root octree.
TerrainOptions mOptions
 Terrain size, detail etc.
PageSourceMap mPageSources
 Map of source type -> TerrainPageSource.
bool mPagingEnabled
 Whether paging is enabled, or whether a single page will be used.
 Queue of objects for rendering.
RenderQueueListenerList mRenderQueueListeners
bool mResetIdentityProj
bool mResetIdentityView
Matrix4 mScaleFactor
SceneNodeList mSceneNodes
 Root scene node.
ShadowCamLightMapping mShadowCamLightMapping
ShadowCasterList mShadowCasterList
 A pass designed to let us render shadow colour on white for texture shadows.
bool mShadowCasterRenderBackFaces
ColourValue mShadowColour
Real mShadowDirLightExtrudeDist
Real mShadowFarDist
Real mShadowFarDistSquared
HardwareIndexBufferSharedPtr mShadowIndexBuffer
size_t mShadowIndexBufferSize
ShadowListenerList mShadowListeners
bool mShadowMaterialInitDone
 A pass designed to let us render shadow receivers for texture shadows.
ShadowTechnique mShadowTechnique
ShadowTextureCameraList mShadowTextureCameras
bool mShadowTextureConfigDirty
ShadowTextureConfigList mShadowTextureConfigList
String mShadowTextureCustomCasterVertexProgram
GpuProgramParametersSharedPtr mShadowTextureCustomCasterVPParams
GpuProgramParametersSharedPtr mShadowTextureCustomReceiverFPParams
String mShadowTextureCustomReceiverFragmentProgram
String mShadowTextureCustomReceiverVertexProgram
GpuProgramParametersSharedPtr mShadowTextureCustomReceiverVPParams
Real mShadowTextureFadeEnd
Real mShadowTextureFadeStart
Real mShadowTextureOffset
ShadowTextureList mShadowTextures
bool mShadowTextureSelfShadow
bool mShadowUseInfiniteFarPlane
bool mShowBoundingBoxes
bool mShowBoxes
 Boxes visibility flag.
bool mSkyBoxDrawFirst
bool mSkyBoxEnabled
EntitymSkyBoxEntity [6]
SkyBoxGenParameters mSkyBoxGenParameters
Quaternion mSkyBoxOrientation
bool mSkyDomeDrawFirst
bool mSkyDomeEnabled
EntitymSkyDomeEntity [5]
SkyDomeGenParameters mSkyDomeGenParameters
Quaternion mSkyDomeOrientation
Plane mSkyPlane
bool mSkyPlaneDrawFirst
bool mSkyPlaneEnabled
SkyPlaneGenParameters mSkyPlaneGenParameters
SpecialCaseRenderQueueList mSpecialCaseQueueList
SpecialCaseRenderQueueMode mSpecialCaseQueueMode
StaticGeometryList mStaticGeometryList
bool mSuppressRenderStateChanges
 Suppress render state changes?
bool mSuppressShadows
 Suppress shadows?
Matrix4 mTempXform [256]
TerrainPage2D mTerrainPages
 Grid of buffered pages.
 The node to which all terrain tiles are attached.
LightInfoList mTestLightInfos
bool mUseCustomMaterial
 Should we use an externally-defined custom material?
bool mUseNamedParameterLodMorph
 Are we using a named parameter to hook up LOD morph?
uint32 mVisibilityMask
 Visibility mask used to show / hide objects.
NodeList mVisible
uint8 mWorldGeometryRenderQueue
String mWorldTextureName
 The name of the world texture.

Static Protected Attributes

static unsigned long mColors [8] = {white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white }
static unsigned short mIndexes [24]


class SceneMgrQueuedRenderableVisitor
 Allow visitor helper to access protected methods.

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